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About Earth Mama Angel Baby


What do women do when they need advice about breastfeeding, diaper rash, morning sickness, heartburn, and hemorrhoids? They call mama.

That's why Mama created Earth Mama Angel Baby®, the only line of 100% natural, organic, herbal skin and body care products and teas to support the entire birth process: pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and baby care.

Combining generations of women's wisdom and traditional plant medicine with the safety and assurances of contemporary evidence-based research, Mama formulates pure, natural herbal remedies that work. Cruelty-free, certified vegan, kosher, and 100% toxin-free - that means no phthalates, parabens, SLS, artificial preservatives, fragrances, or dyes.

For helpful advice and safe, natural products that work, women always trust Mama. After all, if Mama wouldn't use it for her own family, then she doesn't sell it.


Earth Mama Angel Baby® manufactures a complete line of organic and natural products that support the common discomforts of the entire process of birth, from pregnancy through labor, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, baby care and even the loss of a baby.

Who is Mama?

  • Mama is not just a marketing logo. She’s a nurse, herbalist, and real mother who believes mamas and babies have a right to pure, safe, effective products.

Research and Education

  • Mama’s mission is to constantly research, test and refine her products, and educate people about the safe use of herbs and ingredients in personal care products.

Safe and Worry-free ingredients

  • All of Mama’s products are safe, with organic herbs, no toxins or hidden ingredients, and are vegan, lanolin-free, with no bee products and no nut oils.

Clinical Testing

  • Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Natural Nipple Butter, Angel Baby Lotion and C-Mama Healing Salve are clinically proven to be non-irritating and are allergy tested.

We Win Awards!

  • Earth Mama Body Butter was voted “Best Stretch Mark Cream” in Natural Solutions Magazine’s Beauty with a Conscience Awards, and our line of teas received the New Product Showcase Award at the Natural Products Expo East.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

  • EMAB is one of only 6% of compact signers of the Environmental Working Groups’ Campaign for Safe Cosmetics who complies with all levels of compliance.

Pure, Organic, Natural

  • Our ingredients are the purest available. We use the highest quality organic ingredients and herbs unless the herb or oil is not safely, sustainably available organically.


  • Every decision we make incorporates environmental concerns from our clever packaging, to the herbs we use, to the t.p. that hangs in the company loo! We even have a BRAG award for our green packaging practices.


  • Because we believe that pregnancy is a natural condition, not an illness. And that the common discomforts of pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding can be naturally supported using gifts from the earth. Purely natural, naturally safe.

Angel Baby Bottom Balm is more than just a diaper rash cream. I use this on my son's entire body. It works miracles for my son's eczema. I can't get enough of it!
- Kia A. Hughson, CA

My son Tristan and I absolutely adore your products — we use the Angel Baby Lotion, Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash and Natural Nipple Butter daily (I put this on his cradle cap and chapped cheeks, too)! Thanks for making such amazing, worry-free products for mama and baby :)
- Marianne and Tristan

Oh my yumminess! I love the products I have ordered over the last year from Earth Mama Angel Baby!! I am constantly searching for organic options for myself and my lovely babies. I have used the Earth Mama Body Butter, Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash exclusively for a year now. My husband LOVES the smell of our skin, and since we all smell gently of tangerines and line dried linens, who can blame him! Your products are good for the skin, the environment and greatly put my mind at ease as to what I am slathering all over my kids, and myself. Your washes and lotions are heavenly, thank you!
- Andrea